26 Oct 2015
Lisbon Day 4

Day 4 by Alex Williams

In the morning we trained at Belmenses where the captain and birthday boy, Nick, took us for a warmup before a quite relaxed session. Our coach was Bernardo. The first drill was a simple triangle dribbling and passing drill. After that he split the team in half. Half of us did a possession drill which consisted of two "flippers" and four people in the middle, two blues and two bibs. They were battling to keep possession. The other half of the team did a three on two attacking drill where the aim was to score. We learnt that it was much easier to score when you take less touches.
In the afternoon we trained in Benfica where the conditions were horrendous however the team enjoyed it. Firstly, we did a one on one drill which consisted of a passing sequence then finished with a one on one. This then developed into a two on two and then a three on three. We learnt that one of the players had to press and then the others cover him incase he gets beat or he passes it.
We finished with a game and the rain only got heavier because of this when Ted tried to pass it out from the back which stopped in a puddle which was just outside his goal. Also when Alex Bibbs and Nick tried to shoot it suddenly stopped. The coaches thought we would have learnt to lift our shot off the floor however we didn't. The conditions favoured Antony Harvey who smashed most people. The victims consisted of Nick, who landed in a puddle, Jack 0, Alex Williams and Charles. Martin, Jack came off injured and George Neale came off because "his glasses were getting steamed up". Mateen and Aidan battled against Ryley and Miles in midfield.
Luis Boa Morte ,who has played for Arsenal, West Ham, Fulham and Lisbon B, came to visit us in the hotel to do a Q&A. He gave us some wise advice and encouragement. He taught us to not give up and focus on our education. We asked a lot of good questions such as; "Who is the best player you have ever played with" and "At which club was training most intense". At the end we all had the option of getting a picture with him.